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I approach strategy with a 360° perspective.

Brand is a belief system that brings people together, influencing every part of the organization and creating meaningful experiences to foster affinity.

My expertise spans digital strategy, marketing, and analytics; user experience (UX) strategy and product design; campaign development and communications; influencer marketing and earned/shared media; and content strategy—including editing and SEO. 


At the heart of each tactic and execution is the core brand strategy and competency that drives it all.

Chief strategy officer

PHNX Industry

New York, NY

Mar 2024 - Present

Manage strategic initiatives across a portfolio of brands in the energy, utility, and technology industries. Set the vision to lead cross-functional teams from inception through to delivery while ensuring operational efficiency and financial success.

  • Envision

  • Cultivate

  • Deliver



New York, NY

Mar 2023-Feb 2024

Appointed head of product design, leading tighter collaboration with product and engineering teams to deliver first B2B front-end solution for Bakkt since its IPO. Continue to lead brand strategy and product marketing for a cryptocurrency platform targeted at Fintechs and Institutions.

  • Establish

  • Collaborate

  • Deliver

VP, brand and campaign planning


New York, NY

Nov 2021-Feb 2023

Lead brand strategy, design, and product marketing for a cryptocurrency platform, leveraging the brand to evolve a publicly-traded company from DTC App to B2B Platform.

  • Create

  • Build

  • Collaborate

head of strategy, north america

Superunion, WPP

New York, NY

Jul 2020-Oct 2021

Lead our strategy team and cultivate our craft to help our business and our clients' businesses realize results in their company and the market through creative revolution.

  • Lead 

  • Grow

  • Cultivate

Strategy Director

Superunion, WPP

New York, NY

Jul 2019-Jul 2020

Lead global companies through brand evolutions and transformations, bringing their core brand concepts through to full marketing and digital activations.

  • Concept

  • Collaborate

  • Actualize

Associate Strategy Director

Superunion, WPP
(formerly Brand Union)

New York, NY

Apr 2017-Jul 2019

Lead and support high initiative projects to advance client objectives and broaden agency offering.

  • Immerse

  • Reimagine

  • Broaden

Senior Brand Strategist


New York, NY

Aug 2016-Mar 2017

Develop content strategies to create cohesion between brand foundations and content marketing to meet and exceed KPIs for a portfolio of global technology clients. 

  • Cohere

  • Acclimate

  • Edit

Digital Strategist, Team Lead


New York, NY

Dec 2014-Aug 2016

Develop comprehensive digital marketing roadmaps for a portfolio of B2B clients to drive lead generation and increase conversion.

  • Analyze

  • Launch

  • Optimize

Influencer Marketing Manager

Accenture Interactive
(formerly Tenthwave)

New York, NY

Jul 2013-Dec 2014

Shape marketing campaigns and identify key social influencers across fashion, auto, home, tech, and CPG to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.

  • Create

  • Negotiate

  • Expand

Publicity Manager

Jensen Artists

New York, NY

Aug 2011-Jul 2013

Build personal brands for performing musicians across digital touchpoints to increase affinity, listenership, and drive ticket sales.

  • Shape

  • Reinvent

  • Interact

Publicity Associate

Jay K. Hoffman
& Associates

New York, NY

Mar 2008-Aug 2009

Craft compelling stories to drive publicity pitches and secure placement in print, digital, and events for international performing musicians.

  • Storytell

  • Pitch

  • Build

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