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And sometimes, I get around to publishing it.



May 2021

For many of the offspring of Silicon Valley, the past year has been a coming of age moment, as they’ve used their technological solutions to solve problems in a socially distanced world. But the poster child of this moment of opportunity hasn’t just established itself as a problem solver for the here and now, it is living up to its name and is speeding past its rivals to become an intrinsic brand in our everyday lives.

How the plant-based trend found its roots in fast food


December 2020

What came first: the chicken or the egg? This classic quandary is debated endlessly by both kindergartners and marketers alike. For children, the question is a gateway to thinking about time and causality. For marketers, it’s about an existential crisis: are my communications driving changes in consumer behavior, or are changes in consumer behavior driving my communications? 

Saying Farewell To The Gmail Envelope Is A Win For Visual And UX Design


October 2020

Google’s rollout of its new productivity entity, Google Workspace, is not a result of new product development. Its work-from-home apps and digital tools have long been a part of Google’s product suite. 

How AI Inspires Intelligent Brand Experiences to Drive Choice


June 2018

When you really think about it, how many times a day do you make a decision? Some research claims that the average person makes around 70 decisions while others agree that the number is in the thousands.

From Murders to Marketing:
The Rise of Podcasting for Brands


December 2017

True crime stories have a unique way of capturing the public’s interest. Over the years, countless books, movies, television shows, documentaries, and media outlets have exposed the victims, murderers, and alleged murderers to the public through basic storytelling ingredients: orientation and context, crisis and conflict, and—eventually—resolution.

The Art of Influencer Marketing:
5 Tips for Brands


September 2015

Within the realm of digital advertising, marketers have many options to reach consumers. However, industry terms - “sponsored content,” “native advertising,” and “influencer marketing” - can make exploring marketing options difficult.

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